Yamada ryosuke and shida mirai dating

Ten years since she still hasn't woken up, Tsukasa has turned into a total monster, having spent the last ten years in a terrible mood with his son who has come to resent both his father and his mother.

As Domyoji Ryosuke, now the leader of F4, begins to terrorize the scholarshipped students in Eitoku Gakuen, he's meet with one Scholar who isn't giving up without a fight, will Ryosuke's fate mirror his parents?

Every gesture Takaki makes at her would always made her hesitate and the only way for her to hide the hesitation is by sending him a smile.

Summary: Fate has an odd way of making history repeat itself.

He was wearing a mask that only covers his eyes so it was easy to recognize him. He froze with one finger pointed at Takaki and the other one at Mirai. “Already drunk even before the real party started, Ryu? As much as she wants to make her date that night works, she still felt wrong about doing all this.

“Well, later.”He then move away from them, dancing away to the live music.“Would you care for a dance?

Yuri and Daiki both gave each other a knowing glance that could be called playful humor as they heard Ryosuke's words, following the other two up the stairs as they ascended.

Clearly he was trying to provoke them to dance with the rest of the other couples.“Why don’t you just go work your magic with your Chielu and mind your own business?Scrap Teacher 2: Horikoshi no Dame Kyoushi (Updated! ” finally, after a nervous cough, Takaki offered his hand at Mirai and gestured at the dance floor.)Characters: Yamada Ryosuke (Takasugi Touichi), Chinen Yuri (Yoshida Eitarou), Daiki Arioka (Irie Sugizou), Nakajima Yuto, Shida Mirai, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Kawashima Umika, Ohgo Suzuka Supporting: Irie Jingi, Sakamoto Shougo, Nischiuchi Mariya, Irie Saaya, Maeda Nozomi, Nomura Shuhei Guest: Hey! JUMP members______________________________________________________________Case 7.4: The School Masked Dance Preview: Ryu suddenly slide-stepped towards them, spun around and stopped, squealing his pointy medieval shoes on the hall floor. Mirai nodded flatly, reached out and took Takaki’s hand.Miura Haruma who ranked second in their class, Okamoto Keito who ranked fourth, and Kawashima Umika who ranked third. I was only forced to learn Japanese because I started living here.""Eh~," Mirai said and nodded."You shouldn't worry too much, Mirai-chan.The three sat down with their books and small packed lunches, they might be scholars but that didn't mean they could afford the luxuries that came with the school. " Haruma asked as she opened his bento."French." she replied and she watched Haruma wince..hated French too. You're top of the class," Umika told her, trying to finally tear Mirai away from her textbook so they could truly eat lunch altogether."But-,""No," Haruma said with a final tone and took hold of her text book.

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