Validating radio button javascript

Here's the code below: As simple as that, we now have a Grid View data with a radio button on each row.Now let's go ahead and switch back to ASPX mark up.This looks like a sequencing problem but it works the same on all the browsers I have tried (FF8, IE9, Chrome15.0.874.121, Safari4.0.5, Opera11.11).To check the user form inputs I have an "onsubmit" that calls a Java Script.

These columns are just dummy columns and are used for the simplicity of this example. These columns are created by hand at the code behind file of the ASPX.All works well except the script can not see the value set by a set of radio buttons.Input of type Text or hidden are visible in the javascript function, but the input from set of radio buttons is "undefined".So now that I comply with the standard all is well. This may lead others down the path of undefined operation. Introduction A developer is asking how to select one radio button at a time if the radio button is inside the Grid View.

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