Updating old brick fireplace

These images were what I was aiming for: LOOOOVELY, no? I wanted a tad more brick showing through, and a little more choppy/uneven look. On a side note…check out that gorgeous slate roof and the patina on the downspout…makes my heart go pitter patter.

that you are starting with a slate similar to ours, which is clean brick that has WHITE grout.

The slices are mounted on a tile webbing, similar to mosaic glass tile you’d use for a backsplash project or something.

For instance, in our family room, I used a basic DIY whitewash brick technique, which gave us this look…

But for this project, I wanted to be able to see more of the brick because it’s pretty brick, and I didn’t want that completely covered or lost, as it would have been with the whitewash technique used in our family room.

Dave and our brother Troy (of Nashville Flipped fame, framed this thing up…that’s Troy in the shot below.

Once the framing was done, Dave and I installed the brick. When it was done being installed and grouted (we used THIS sanded grout), this is what we had.

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