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His complexly structured “Lovers of the Arctic Circle” tells of two lovers who meet as children, and how fate keeps bringing them together and tearing them apart.

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Director Medem is immeasurably aided by cinematographer Carles Gusi (El Niño), whose camera captures the lush foliage of the Basque countryside and cocoon-like farmhouse interiors, successfully recreating a bygone era.

His press conferences ring with questions like :’Julio, what is the metaphorical significance of the wood lice? '” When sitting down with Medem and a translator supplied by his distributor, Fine Line, indie WIRE was ready to get profound too, speaking about criticism, literature and love.

“The Lovers of the Arctic Circle” will be released wider on May 7 and continue to more cities throughout the month.

Unexpectedly, Ángel will find romance and adventure beyond his wildest imagination when he falls for two of the locals: the earthy and soulful farmer's wife, Angela (Emma Suarez, The Red Squirrel); and the sensuous, amorous (and much too young) Mari (Silke, The Dark Hour).

Tierra's flights of fancy include spectral doppelgangers, irate migrant gypsies, fierce lightning storms, and one very jealous husband.

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