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He was steward of the king's household and had summons to parliament from the 1st to the 29th Edward III, inclusive. Oxford]Notes: also fought in the Hundred Years War for Edward III, and his splendid brass, dating 1387, can be seen in the lovely Rotherfield Greys Church, hidden beneath a carpet.

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In 1353 he was commissioner of array for the counties of Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, and in 1356 was one of the witnesses to the charters by which Edward Baliol granted all his rights in Scotland to Edward III.

In 2014, the two locations were shortlisted for a new bridge or tunnel, one near the existing Dartford Crossing known as Option A and the other linking the M2 with the M25 via the A13 near Gravesend called Option C.

Option B, which planned to connect the A2 Swanscombe Peninsula with the A1089 at Tilbury in Essex, was scrapped in 2013.

Notes: his uncle and namesake, the Archbishop of York, extendedto him his bounty by a grant of all his lands in Gilesford, in Kent, Brighthelmstone, in Sussex, with Herdewyke and Coges, co.

Oxford which he had by assignment from Joan and Alice, the daus. Oxford]Notes: summoned to Parliament as first Baron Grey of Rotherfield on .

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