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Black artists continue to cry because they say white-owned record companies are ripping them off, but black men like Luda (who have their own record company) are the first to extort and exploit their own people.

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I’m not sure what they’re up to now but I know that a recently Whitney was seeing a white young actress at least half her age.” The source added that Whitney’s late father wanted to kill Bobby Brown for ruining his daughter’s life and career.Prince felt very uncomfortable with this teenager expressing this and showing his attraction, and promptly excluded him from his circle, despite producing and writing a very successful single for Tevin that brought a lot of money to both of them. Hollywood Madame reveals Smith has had Dalliances with Male Prostitutes.IUC has learned actor Will Smith has swung both ways for years.One of those boys was recently reported to have had a bag placed over his head while being transported to Ludas College Park, ATL home (neighboring a Publix supermarket).I’m told that’s where Luda humped the dude while the bag was still over the dude’s head! According to my source, Ludajuice portrays himself as being a very quiet person.

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