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Harris believes that many, and perhaps even the majority of Christians, have a fear of committment to the church.

There were however, many Baptists who loved the Word of God and held true to it and refused to abandon teaching the New Testament.

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In his new book, Harris explores the ramifications of Ephesians –32, which proclaims the intensity and the breadth of Jesus Christ’s love for His church.

These true Baptists added the adjectives Fundamental and Independent to their name in order that they not be identified with the false practices and teaching of the doctrinally unsound churches using the Baptist name.

The word “Independent” means that the church is not a member of any council, convention or is a part of any hierarchy outside the local congregation.

Today the name Baptist is used by many churches who are not truly following the teachings of the New Testament.

Thus the words “Independent” and “Fundamental” have been added by many Baptist churches to further identify themselves as truly Bible believing churches and to show a distinction between themselves and Baptist churches who were not following God’s word.

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