Sophia bush who is she dating now

The admission fee allows attendees to see the celebrities but not interact with them.“Unfortunately, we have to charge admission because if not, then it just becomes a public thing and anybody from the public can walk in," said Braga, who lives in Florida.

Photographs with the stars range from for a snap with Minoso to 0 for a group shot, while autographs cost to . Braga said there will be a charity raffle and vendors selling merchandise at the event.

The deal calls for her to star in a comedy or drama project for the studio this coming pilot season, as well as develop additional projects as executive producer.

detectives and couple Lindsay (Sophia Bush) and Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) have been going strong for most of the NBC cop drama's current season.

Two or three more stars from NBC’s “Chicago” franchise are expected to be announced as part of the lineup in coming months, Braga said.

Admission to the event, which is not affiliated with Wolf or NBC, costs per day or for both days, and there are no panel discussions.

End of story.” Bush, the former female lead on the series, dismissed various theories on her exit.and we lose a lot of it because at the end of the day, we have to tell a story about the case that we are solving," Bush said."There's no one who wishes that all those scenes made it in the episodes more than our cast but them the brakes."We have to make allowances that there's a lot happening off-camera," Bush told While the road trip episode, set to be episode 15 of season three, was scrapped before production began, Bush revealed that there have been some other filmed Linstead moments that haven’t made it past the cutting room floor."We tend to lose about 10 minutes of script an episode so there have been scenes that have been shot for us, for Marina [Squerciati] and Brian [Geraghty], for La Royce [Hawkins], for Elias [Koteas] and the girl who was playing his newly discovered daughter [Alina Taber] …

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