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Marketing material produced by Stomp Racing LTD may contain images or video of riders performing various stunts/tricks on RKR products.

These riders are professionals in their field of extreme sports and anyone attempting to replicate these tricks does so entirely at their own risk.

Warranty claims will only be handled through the appropriate channel which is our online form.

Note: Our warranty is handled by our sister company Stomp Racing LTD.

You are expected to keep your bike in serviceable condition.

Any failure attributed to incorrect or lack of maintenance will be easily detected by our engineers and in most cases rejected.

It is advised to minimize the potential for corrosion, that the bikes/parts are kept away from water and stored inside.

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Always allow plenty of space to stop safely when riding.

Note: Marketing material that shows riders performing tricks will always show RKR products that have been modified with the necessary upgrades to perform those tricks.

For advice on what upgrades may be required to perform certain tricks, please contact Stomp Racing LTD directly.

Stomp Racing LTD accepts no liability whatsoever for injury loss or death as a result of persons attempting to copy tricks carried out by professionals in the marketing material used by Stomp Racing LTD.

Extreme sports are notoriously dangerous by their very nature.

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