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One thing, among all the marriage rituals, about which a girl starts dreaming from the early days of her teenage, is the ‘wedding choora’.Wearing a choora, after marriage, has become more like a fashion these days, irrespective of the prevalence of this custom in their religion or not.They draw various designs, including writings, pictures, etc. Some ready made mixtures and pastes of mehndi with added chemicals are available. This is a body artwork which adds to the beauty and personality of the lady in her expensive jewellery and fine cloths.These are chemical mehndi, sparkle mehndi, stone mehndi, etc. Most ladies opt for natural mehndi powder, adding water and using the paste for drawings on the body parts or colouring their hair. This natural mehndi powder is easily available from any local Indian shop and is quite cheap. You may practise on a piece of paper with a pencil of the drawing you intend to put on hands, wrists, feet, ankles, etc. But free hand drawings are simpler and quicker and it is a great fun to work on mehndi designs in Indian wedding.However, single girls also apply ‘mehndi’ just to create temporary beautiful designs on their hands and feet.You can make friendship with a young Indian unmarried girl with Mehndi designs by filling the Indian matrimonial registration form.

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These bangles are normally presented by ‘mamaji’, bride’s uncle at Indian wedding.

The bride normally wears these for forty one days after the Indian wedding, or as per family’s traditions.

Another name for “Vivaah” or marriage is “haath pila karna” or simply translated, making hands yellow.

Mehndi (henna) is applied to the bride’s hands and feet, meaning she is going to get married.

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