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There are so many threads, dating to 2007 when Southwest introduced numbered boarding positions, that some Flyer Talk regulars joke about how often it comes up.

Some offer tips on ways to get the seat you want even if someone is saving it; others chide seat-saving critics for being petty.

Two recent flights with A-list passengers doing so for colleagues in the 1st few rows.

It sounds petty, but can you at least instruct people to do this towards the back of the plane? Brian Wolfe (@jbrianwolfe) November 8, 2017 Seat saving is a perennially popular topic in the Southwest forums on frequent-flier site Flyer Talk, according to the forum moderator.

The airline doesn't have a policy allowing or forbidding seat saving, leaving passengers and flight attendants to solve disputes on an individual basis.

Many say the airline implicitly allows seat saving by not having a policy.

It was the exit-row aisle seat she had her eyes on so they could sit across from one another.

They had each paid the airline’s early bird fee in hopes of snagging the coveted seats with extra legroom — Weinshanker is 6-2' — during Southwest’s first-come, first-served open boarding.

She sat in the middle and put a tablet on the aisle seat.

Southwest, the nation's largest domestic carrier, gets plenty of love for its free bags, funny flight attendants and fares.

But it attracts plenty of disdain, too, for its one-of-a-kind boarding process.

It's the airline version of saving seats at the movies or hotel pool.

TODAY IN THE SKY: Southwest Airlines unveils new ad campaign The topic divides Southwest passengers into two passionate camps, factions that no doubt will be on display as the holiday travel crush begins this week.

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