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It’s one thing to try to rank how attractive a woman is relative to others; physical beauty is as much in the eye of the beholder after all.But in PUA culture, the rating is treated as a than a 6 or a 7 because she’s going to be that much “harder” to “game”.In many cases, our major source of how to get women to like us are our peers – and that’s often a case of the blind leading the blind.Moreover, those who are blessed with a seemingly-innate affinity to women – “Naturals” in PUA lingo – often don’t what they’re doing.For some men, that panicky feeling of talking to the girl you like in the 5th grade never fully goes away.

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Quite the opposite in fact; I think that there’s a lot of good to be found in it.They’re just being themselves; they don’t know how to articulate it into anything other than “I guess women just like me”.It’s incredibly frustrating to be a young man That’s where the pick-up community comes in – it’s filling an economic niche, a void in the marketplace.I think that, when approached rationally and sanely that it can be a valuable resource. But if you It’s fascinating in a perverse sort of way that such disdain is heaped on someone wanting to get better at getting women to like them.The state of dating advice for men is, frankly, fairly abysmal. If a young man were to decide that he wanted to get better at math, nobody would blink twice at his finding a tutor or taking extra classes.

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