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Ruben Jordan, a high school basketball coach, was last seen late Saturday helping people through flood waters.

His family was informed on Monday that he had died in the floods.

Sulcer had been trying to flee the floods in her car when she became overwhelmed by the flooding roadway.

She had pulled into a parking lot along Interstate 10 when her car got stuck.

Witnesses saw his pickup's reverse lights illuminate, indicating that Feuerstein was attempting to back out of the water. The witnesses swam to help, but Feuerstein had already drowned.

They had been trawling the area looking for people to help when the accident occurred.

The missing rescuers have been identified as Benjamin Vizueth, 31 and Gustavo Rodriguez-Hernandez, 40.

Newton County Sheriff Billy Rowles said witnesses reported that several people risked their lives to rescue Thomas but were unsuccessful. A 41-year-old mother, Collette Sulcer, died on Tuesday after she got swept away by strong currents in Beaumont while trying to carry her three-year-old daughter Jordyn to safety.

The little girl, who was found wearing her pink backpack and suffering hypothermia, was clinging to her mother's dead body when rescuers pulled them from the water.

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