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The segment before the Opening Theme is the intro to The Stooges' song, "I Got a Right".Season 1 (August 13 – October 29, 2007) followed Hank and the other main characters in the months leading up to Karen's planned marriage to Bill, a Los Angeles publisher.Recurring themes are sex, drugs, and rock and roll, all of which are featured regularly, as well as the seedier side of Los Angeles.The show has been nominated for several awards and won several, including winning two Emmy Awards (nominated for two others) and one Golden Globe Award (nominated for five others).Hank constantly deals with the consequences of his inability to say "no" to temptation while trying to show his family that he can be a responsible, caring father to Becca and a reliable partner to Karen.The show was renewed for a second season on September 7, 2007.A gorgeous young automobile fanatic and front to the hottest unsigned band on the West coast finds herself caught up in illegal drag racing competitions organised for the pleasure of a bunch of bored billionaires.When winning becomes a matter of life or death she has to fight - and race - for her life.

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, the movie based on God Hates Us All, is named after the song by the rock band Queen from their album The Game.One day he picks up a younger woman in a bookstore; after they have sex, he discovers that she is Bill's 16-year-old daughter Mia.Mia proceeds to harass Hank during his visits to his family.Marcy goes into treatment for her cocaine addiction, and Charlie starts an affair with Daisy.Hank proposes to Karen on the night they discover that Hank could be the father of Sonja's child.

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