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"You've seen the desks we sit at, and the way they're arranged," she said to Becky.

"Nobody in the immediate vicinity is going to clock that you're knickerless, they'll be too close to see under the desk. really exciting, in a different way." So the morning of their first exam, when Lisa had met Becky en route to the stop for the school bus, the first thing she'd said to Becky was; "are you doing it?

Naughty and forbidden though it felt for Becky to go into and around the school with nothing on beneath her skirt, Lisa had to acknowledge that in some ways, the fact that teachers and fellow students remained oblivious to this was in some small way a little bit of a let-down for Becky, who craved actual exposure. It was about thirty minutes into the exam, and as usual they were sat in order of candidate number. Anyway, the way I was sat, I figured I could sort of, lift up my skirt a bit at the front...

She began to devise a scenario which would give Becky more of what she wanted. Becky was to the right and a few rows in front of Lisa - not a clear view, and certainly not one where Lisa could see up Becky's skirt, but she could see her mass of brunette curls as her friend sat hunched over her exam paper. if I arranged it in just the right way, I could sit there a bit more uncovered. "I think so." "Good, because I can't do it without you.

The dynamic of this thing seemed to be shaping itself that it was Becky who sought exposure, and the thrill Lisa would get would not be enhanced by her joining in.

The secret knowledge had excited Lisa - but she never felt compelled to join in.But people farther away might notice..." "I like it," Becky had replied. " In answer, Becky turned wordlessly and lifted up her black pleated school skirt for a moment, revealing a glimpse of her bare bottom.A butterfly or two whirled in Lisa's stomach at the sight, and she swallowed hard.Suddenly, Becky was without the means to cover herself back up again, and Lisa doubted very much that she had been expecting this. It seemed to Lisa on these trips that Becky was nude just for her, and those deep, longing feelings began to nag at her once again.The bus would be pulling into their stop in a few seconds, and Becky would then have a choice between two actions, neither of them good. Riding the bus like this was one thing, but getting off like that? But that aside, it was not just bearable, but pleasurable. The Becky who wanted to push the envelope, to go that bit further - not to just risk being caught, but actually seek out an audience to show herself naked to.

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