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But what if the person you care about is the one who is being abusive toward their partner? This can be such a difficult situation to deal with.You might love your family member, but you know that what they’re doing is harmful.Mitch figured that at some point Emma had to feel the need for some cock.She wasn't an old maid yet, far from it, she was only forty-two, and didn't look a day over twenty-five.Emma had been divorced for about a year, and Mitch felt a little guilty for looking at her this way. Ferguson, he'd lived next door to them since he was an infant, but Mitch was nineteen now and Mrs. Mitch figured he could fill a gallon milk bottle if he had kept all the semen he'd produced while watching Emma sunbathe by her pool, and he'd only been home from college for a week.Beating his meat while looking at Emma in a bikini wasn't going to be enough for Mitch this summer, he wanted to fuck her.

He had short close cropped brown hair that made his lean handsome face look rugged and chiseled.

That was going to be tough for him, he didn't even call her by her first name, but Mitch had all summer to do it.

The first thing Mitch thought he had to do was let Emma see just how much he'd grown.

He looked out the window to see Emma, his next door neighbor coming home from shopping.

"Damn she's fucking hot," Mitch thought to himself.

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