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RSPCA superintendent Simon Osborne said: “It’s a sad fact that every day at work throughout the year can be tough for our inspectors and animal welfare and collection officers, but winter really does come with its own challenges and issues.

In fact, we expect to take in somewhere in the region of 19,000 animals this winter alone.

Plastic waste is very good at finding its way into our waterways and countryside, so it’s been a boon for nature and wildlife too.

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This works out at 15 calls every single hour, not to mention the huge number of other calls the charity receives on top of this relating to other issues like abandonment and deliberate acts of cruelty.

In Wales the charge was introduced in 2011, and a reduction in plastic bag consumption of 79% was achieved in the first 3 years.

It’s now time to look at what else can be done to change consumer behaviour, and help cut needless, harmful waste.

The Committee on Climate Change also published reports today on the implications of Brexit on climate policy and the next steps for UK heat policy.

On Brexit, Friends of the Earth climate campaigner Simon Bullock said: “Neither hard nor soft Brexit will stop increasingly intense floods, storms and droughts.

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