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The Garca and igo Jimnez who are named in the second part of the Codex were in fact the common ancestors of both igo "Arista" and the Garca Jimnez who ruled Pamplona from [858].This more complex "reinterpretation" of the text of the Codex was first proposed in the 17th century and has since found favour with many historians.It assumes that the Codex simply omits all details of the intervening generations between the two individuals allegedly named Garca Jimnez, and that it conflates the two into one by mistake in the first paragraph of the second chapter.The possibility of such a mistake cannot of course be excluded.

The genealogical section of the Codex is grouped into six parts, each dealing with a distinct family.

Ibn Hayyn provides a completely different perspective, suggesting that the father of igo "Arista" was also named igo.

There is no way of knowing whether this is simply a mistake in the source or whether Ibn Hayyn provides the correct answer to the conundrum.

However, this would be the only example in the early genealogies recounted in the Codex where several generations of a family have been omitted entirely.

The two dynasties were related only indirectly by marriage or were not related at all.

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