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True to its name, it is a very watery product, but only a tiny amount is needed to cover the whole face and it’s beautifully buildable.Providing mid-coverage that lasts throughout the day, this is a foundation you can feel confident chucking in your festival bag or carrying on holiday – it requires very little skin prep to sit well on the face, and dries fast so that you can decide how much or little you need to complete a look.It takes a long time to dry, however, and while we found that it worked well on combination skin, it could have the tendency to accentuate oiliness.Additionally, its palest shade will still be too dark for the very palest. La Prairie Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation SPF15: £146 for 30ml, John Lewis Expensive but worth forking out for, La Prairie’s Skin Caviar comes in a big, no-nonsense tub with a brush for application and a hatch at the top containing concealer matched to the foundation colour inside.Having said that, a good skin regime is no bad thing – and once it does sit, this Armani foundation is one of the very best, with a hydrating and subtle finish that forgives hangover skin and pre-period redness in seconds.Available in a whopping 21 shades, Armani offers real choice for the pale of skin: at least 10 of these are usable for variations of skin tone found in redheads, natural blondes and English roses. Nude By Nature Radiant Loose Powder Foundation: From £12.50 for 10g, Feel Unique Nude By Nature is one of those feel-good companies that promises you the world: a mineral complex free from synthetic ingredients or fragrances, ingredients including kakadu plum (the “world’s highest concentration of natural Vitamin C”) and kaolin clay alongside jojoba esters, and a cosmetic product that improves your skin while you wear it.

Problem areas, however, like the nose, folds of the skin and between the eyebrows need a tough exfoliation and a good primer before this foundation will sit perfectly on it.These foundations have been put through their paces, having each been tested for 12 hours in the office under air conditioning, on days walking through the pollution of central London, on long-haul flights, in the sunshine to test out their SPF credentials, and on top of patches of acne, eczema and sunburn to truly test-drive their kindness to skin. Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation: £45 for 15ml, Oxygenetix Oxygenetix is hardly a household name, yet it’s slowly building a dedicated horde of online disciples.Originally developed for use after cosmetic surgery and chemical peels, this full coverage foundation is incredibly easy to apply and very kind to skin: we found it was perfect for covering up sunburn, spots and for use on sweaty days, and that it lasted all day in an air-conditioned office and on a long haul flight.Very pale girls often spend years frustrated by the fact that most foundations come in three shades of beige, all of which are far too dark for a redhead or an English rose.We’ve gone hunting for the companies which provide real variation in shades without compromising on what makes a brilliant foundation, and tested them out in their very palest incarnations.

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