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although date is disputed by Egyptologists as it is unclear which part of the setting sun was used as the 'setting marker' (i.e.

edges, top, centre, first glimpse, last glimpse etc), an argument often used against Lockyer, who was accused of using different 'setting markers' at different sites.

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An ancient obelisk still stands and is said to weigh approximately 323 tons with a height of 29 metres.

In addition, no buildings survive in Thebes older than the portions of the Karnak temple complex, which date from the Middle Kingdom, although the lower part of a statue of King Niuserre of the 5This superb example of an Egyptian 'Water-Clock' was found at Karnak in 1904, and dates from the reign of King Amenhotep III (1415-1380 BC).

The earliest axis included the famous Great Hypostyle Hall built by Ramses II on an east to west alignment.

Sir Norman Lockyer (1836-1920) proposed a midsummer sunset alignment of the Main Axis of the Great Temple of Amon-Re (see The Dawn of Astronomy, 1894).

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